Waterjet cutting

Since 2008 we have had the ability to offer cutting of various materials based on the drawings of clients thanks to our waterjet cutting machine. Apart from cutting stainless steel that we supply we also offer the ability to cut other materials.

Basic characteristics of our waterjet cutting machine:

  • Cutting area 4010x2010mm
  • Cutting thickness up to 250mm
  • Number of cutting head: 4
  • Precision +/- 0.05/1000mm
  • Can cut various materials such as: steel, aluminium, copper, brass, Plexiglas, polyamide and granite.

An advantage of this form of cutting is that it does not introduce any additional heat into the material hence the structure of the material is preserved.

Inquiries regarding waterjet cutting can be made via FAX or e-mail. It is most convenient if the supplied drawings and files are in either, DWG or DXF formats how ever the machine also supports ACD, CBF, GEO, TAG, ORD, MEC, IGS, PRT and WMT files.