About Us

The company M.G.M. INŽENJERING was founded in 1991. Throughout many years of work the company has managed to gain a key role in the supply of stainless steels in Serbia, as well as substantial export to Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Montenegro.

The majority of our customers work in the metal fabrication sector creating products for many different industries such as general processing equipment, food and chemical processing equipment and products related to architecture and construction industry.

Our goal is to create a partnership with as many of our clients, which means investing mutual effort in order for our customers products to be as successful as possible.

Our business is focused on becoming the service provider of our partners/customers in a way that the products we supply fulfil the needs of our customers as much as possible. With this goal in mind, we offer the possibility of cutting sheets to a desired length directly from coils. We also offer the possibility of cutting sheets directly to a desired length using sheers or by means of waterjet. We also offer the capability of grinding and polishing of round tubes as well as brushing and grinding of sheets…