Stainless Steel

The name stainless steel refers to more than 120 different grades of steel with non-corrosive properties.

Many different grades of stainless steel with properties vital for use in certain applications in industry have been developed. All of them however have a key feature, they do not require any surface treatment in order to protect them from corrosion, due to the addition of Chromium in their structure.


Stainless steels have a wide range of applications: from industrial components which are in contact with water, water vapour or corrosive substances to petrochemical equipment, food processing equipment or construction and interior design elements.


Stainless steel is modern, attractive, hygienic, easy to maintain and clean, resistant to corrosion and ecologically friendly because it can easily be recycled.

In our stock you can always find a large variety of materials/products from stainless steel in different forms and qualities/grades.

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